The first half of my 20s has been a roller coaster. I got to experience a lot of things. Made mistakes, learned from them. I got to learn what makes me tick, what makes me the person I am today. 

With that, I thought I should write down things I would tell my younger self to expect about her 20s.

Here goes….


  1. You will make mistakes but it's not the end of the world. Learn from them, let those mistakes make you the better version of yourself. 

  2. Things will not work out in the timeline you have set for yourself, but that’s ok. However, that’s not to say you will not get to your destination. It might take a little longer but with patience and perseverance, you will get there. 

  3. Don’t pressure yourself to figure things out. They will unfold as you go. 

  4. Every action has a consequence. PERIOD!!!!!

  5. Never settle for anything thats not up to par with your standard. It doesn’t matter if it is a guy, a girl, a job, career. Know your worth and stand up for it. 

  6. Just because life isn’t turning the way you had envisioned it, doesn’t mean that you are screwed. That's just God telling you He has better plans for you. 

  7. Adulting SUCKS!!!!!! It is scary but you will figure it out. 

  8. Value your “ME” time. That is your holy grail. Get to discover the best version of yourself. 

  9. Being “SINGLE” is not a crime. Time to time, it is ok to be by yourself, to detox, re-discover and rejuvenate your spirit before letting somebody else into your life 

  10. WORK HARD but don’t forget to PLAY too. Life is too short. 

  11. Trust the process. The journey might seem long and sometimes it might feel as if you are not going anywhere just keep going and trust the process. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. 

  12. Nobody's journey is similar. Don't you dare compare yourself to somebody else? You are where you are for a reason, savor the moment and keep carrying on. 

  13. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY & UNIQUELY yourself. It is so easy to lose yourself in this day and age. Look at yourself in the mirror and LOVE the person looking back at you without holding back. Girl, YOU ROCK!!!. 

  14. Don’t let FEAR stop you in your tracks. Don’t let it be what stops you from chasing your DREAMS. SHINE BABY GIRL, SHINE!!!!!. 

  15. Travel, discover new places, experience different cultures, build memories and look at life differently 

  16. Use every opportunity given to you to better yourself. Refuse to be stagnant. 

  17. Always listen to your mother, she is always right. She sees things that you are not able to see and her correcting you is not rebuking you but her wanting the best for you.

  18. Don’t focus on only one thing. Life is too broad. Remember, you have a life to live. Put yourself out there, meet new people, do things that you wouldn’t necessarily find yourself doing. That is how you build character 

  19. The world is your playground. Let not distance, location, culture, come in the way of you chasing your dreams. 

  20. The second time is always a charm. Never really understood this one until it was a recurring thing in my life. Sometimes the first time will not work. Don’t give up. Go back and do it again, and you will be surprised. 

  21. Knowledge is power!!! This might sound cliche, but the one thing the world can never steal from you is your mind. Take the opportunity to re-educate yourself, learn new things, borrow from great minded people and see how things change for you. 

  22. Don’t be quick to settle down. Your 20s are your playground. Take your time baby girl, the right time will always present yourself. 

  23. Sometimes you just have to step outside of your comfort zone, to discover the extent of your purpose and potential. 

  24. There isn’t a formula or a manual about knowing yourself. Your 20s come with their own set of trials and tribulations. When you overcome and learn from your tribulations, you are a step closure to knowing yourself. 

  25. Finally, live your best possible life and enjoy your 20s to the max. 

Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it.
— Ted Williams


Off shoulder dress: Custom made in Kenya 

Beaded Tassel earrings: Walmart


Pic by Christine Arhu