Hello Lovelies, hope you have all been keeping well. I have been well too, its always such a pleasure to come on the blog and connect with everyone who takes the time to read these post. 

So lately i have been doing a lot of reflections on my life. I guess its something that comes with growing older. I look at where i was 5 years ago and where i am today, i am amazed. I am reminded that there is a God. In everything that i do, or every opportunity i get or any door that gets opened i always credit it to God, for He is the giver of all things. However, all those things would never come in line if i just sat and waited upon the Lord. The Bible says, “Faith without actions is dead”. So what am i trying to say in all these many words, we shouldn’t try to wait things to happen on their own, we should be out there trying to make them happen and God will do the rest. 

As i always many time in my previous posts, the move to America was an eye opener to so many things. One of the greatest things i have come to learn is, if you want to accomplish something, go ahead and start it. Many of us, i included are victims of “waiting for the right moment” to start things we have been intending to start. Maybe you have been saying to yourself that you want to start a certain project, maybe go back to school to finish that bachelors degree you never finished, or going back to grad school, the list could go on. The truth is, there isn’t a right moment or right way to begin anything, you just start. I think the thing that many of us are usually afraid of is getting it wrong. Hunny!!! there is nothing wrong with that. How are you meant to learn if all you are focusing on is perfection. Perfection does not come overnight, it comes through practice, making mistakes and learning from them, being open to new ideas etc. 

Another thing that prevents us from kickstarting our ideas, is the idea of “i don't have time”. That is the worst excuse you could ever use because you will always make time for something that is a priority. Yes, we only have 24 hrs, days and 7 days long,  weeks and 52 weeks long, years. We also have numerous responsibilities, we are wives, husbands, mothers with careers, full-time college students etc. but if you really want to accomplish something, you will find a way of shifting things around. 

Before i decided to take my blogging serious, i was always afraid of the amount of work i had to put into it. I was ok with it being just a thing i could result to when i needed some therapeutic writing. Actually what i was afraid of is getting out of that comfort bubble that i was in. I was afraid of putting myself out there for people to critic me. I was afraid that people would not like or approve of what i was doing. I was afraid that if i made my blogging serious then it wont give me the pleasure i was getting from it. I learnt that i was very wrong about all that. I learnt that by me getting out of that comfort zone and just starting to put effort into it, i began to make an impact. I began to grow as a person and through it, i was able to realize i was capable of more than i thought i did. 

By making that decision to go ahead and start that project you have been meaning to start, you are opening yourself to a lot more possibilities. We have to remember that to get where you want to be, is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work dedication, discipline, motivation, support and passion. I have my favorite blogger that i follow and i see where they are right now, the amount of engagement they have been able to acquire, i know it did not happen overnight. But they got an idea and went ahead and started it. 

I was having a conversation with my pastor, who is my mentor/big brother/friend, *i know*, and he said that we only have one life to live. We cannot let life come and go with you wishing that you accomplished all the many ideas that are running in your head. They are not meant to just be formed and seat in your brain, they are meant to be implemented. I am asking today to take that risk. Yes, it is going to be scary, nerve-wrecking, difficult, disappointing at times, but that shouldn’t be a limitation. Use it as a motivator. 

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Don’t let what you have cannot do interfere with what you can do ~ John R. Wooden