Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

Happy Friday my loves, its always exciting to take some time and indulge you with the happenings of my world. So buckle up as this plane is about to take off....

I am a person who takes self-evaluation very seriously. Time to time I like to take some me-time to evaluate my life. That being the happenings in my life, goals, visions, projects etc. Asking myself did they work? If they didn’t, what am I doing wrong? Have I done that thing that I had set to do? If not, why haven’t I? What's been stoping me? Is it fear? If yes, why am i afraid? 

In my recent self-evaluation, I wondered why I haven't taken seriously my Youtubing. I started it for a reason. For a while, I have been making excuses about it such as, I never had time to shoot in between juggling school, my part-time job, my role as a Young adults leader in my church. But the real truth is, I have been scared to put my all into it. 

For as long as I remember, I have never liked to see myself on video while talking. I usually felt like I sounded ridiculous and sometimes the words that came of my mouth never made sense. I normally have a lot of monologues with myself, especially in the shower 😁- don’t judge - everyone has their moments. In my monologues, I felt like I made sense, so why is it different when I am looking at an image of myself? I will let you know when I come to answer that question. 

Another things that paralyzes me is comparing myself with people who have been in the game longer than I have been. Of course they are better than me. Yes they have been Youtubers for a minute and they know how it works, thats why its effortless for them. But they didn’t wake up one day and they were masters in their art. They put in their time, they were consistent, they learned everything that’s needed to master the art and thats why they are where they are. 

So what am i really afraid of? Is it the fear of failure? Thing is, that's inevitable. Its going to happen but what makes the difference is how to handle it. People might not react to your content the way you expect at first, but in time they will and this because you will be learning what your audience is reacting to. 

Are you afraid of not being perfect? The answer is no one is perfect. We learn from our imperfections. If you are waiting for the day your art will be perfect, then you will never get to do anything. 

Therefore, stop giving authority to the fear of the unknown. Don't let it paralyze you. Do what you have to do. It might not be great, it might suck, and it might bring your spirit down, but get up again and do it. This time around do it better than you did the first time. 

As I challenge you, I am also challenging myself. And because I am not the kind of person who preaches water and drinks wine. I went ahead and took up the challenge and I posted my first youtube video in a while. This time around I’m going to keep going and won’t let anything bring me down.

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor
— Truman Capote

Outfit Details

Off shoulder floral ruffle top: Charlotte Russe 

Leather Pencil Skirt: Ross 

Chocker: Amazon 

African Earrings: Kenya 

Rings: Wanelo

Photography by Kay