Well hello there loves, i always get excited when i come over to the blog to interact with all ya'll and bring you to my world. Having to share my life with you all, is one of the things that make me keep writing. I do hope that you have all been keeping well. I have been too. 

The last time that i was here on the blog, i talked about the insecurities that i normally face as an upcoming blogger. It was great that i did that, as i got a few responses of people who are or have been in the same boat as i have been. It is such moments that make blogging worthwhile for me. 

I experience the joys of blogging when i write a post and i get even that one person who needed to hear that word. As i mentioned on my previous post that many are time that we focus on meaningless things that we lose focus of what our mission and vision in life. 

Anytime i meet with someone and they tell me that they read my blog and it made them rethink about situations in their life, it re-ignites the fire that was burning within me. The interesting thing about it all, is that, it could only be one person but they make it completely worthwhile. 

So whoever you are, you might feel like you have been hitting a wall. You try so hard to get noticed but it feels like your efforts are not being noticed, trust me there is one person who is noticing. So straighten your shoulder, hold your head up and keep going. You are where you are meant to be. You are doing what you are meant to be doing. God's got you. 

Outfit details: 

Kimono: Love Culture 

Striped midi body-con: H&M

Flats: H&M 

African Jewelry: Motherland (Kenya)

Photography: Iphone 

All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired
— Chuck Palahniuk