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Debora MbalukaComment

Hello lovelies and welcome to March Madness. Before i continue, hello spring!!!! Boy am i glad that it is finally springing up hereIt just dawned on me that in three days March will be coming to an end. Isn't that crazy??? We are already a quarter way into the year, and i feel like i still haven't gotten a handle into the new year. Im sure many of us are in the same boat i am in. As the month comes to an end, i decided to change things up a little and take stock into the things i've been up to in the month of March.  

Making : Myself get used to the idea of not being a student for a while. Not having to endure early morning and late night commutes home to school and vice versa. Endless assignments, surviving on 4-5 hours of sleep, tough classes, professors that don't care about your life aside of school. 

Cooking : Lentils. I forgot how much i love lentils until i came across them at Costco a couple of weeks ago. I love them best served with rice 

Drinking : Fresh made orange juice. It happened that we ended up buying more oranges than we could eat. My mum being the mother she is, ended up getting one of those orange juicers. Our lives have never been the same anymore. Did i mention a lot of coffee too!!!

Reading: Have read three books so far now, Rick Warren's "What on earth am i here for?". Been reading it during my church's Life group, very insightful. Second book, Jojo Meyer's "Before You". If you have watched the Rom-com "After You", it was based after the book by Jojo Meyers. This was the sequel for it. My current read now is Danielle Steel, "Dangerous Games". Could never get tired of reading Danielle Steel, one of my favorite white writers. 

Wanting: More Ankara outfits and African jewelry. Cant seem to have enough of them.

Looking: For jobs, just finished my bachelor degree requirement, patiently awaiting Graduation Day 

Playing: A lot of mainstream rap. Discovered some really cool rappers such as Social Club Misfits, Beautiful Eulogy (i thought they were black just by the sound of their music, but they are actually white 🙂)

Loving: the growth that i have been experiencing lately. Giving yourself room to enjoy the growth process and discovering new things about yourself is amazing 

Pondering: On Grad school applications. I am taking a year break off school to work on my grad school applications, didn’t want to take longer to avoid being lazy to go back to school. Who knew this process could be so challenging, especially for a person who always has a hard time making up their mind.

Buying: More shoes 😩, i really have a problem. Can't seem to stop myself, and the way my bank account is set up!!!!!

Watching: what i am eating, as i am back on my fitness journey. Summer is nearing, but my body ain't ready!!!!

Following: Some incredible blogger that give me so much life. As a beginner in this blogger world, it can be very intimidating and challenging but seeing bloggers who have so much influence, makes you keep going because one day i will get there. 

Bookmarking: Websites for inspiration. If you are a writer, you know how inspiration is important. Cant be coming up with the same boring content over and over. Also sometimes creatives juices run dry, therefore having inspiration keeps them flowing.  

Snacking: pastries by Madeleine. I am not a pastry kind of a person, but they are so good. Reminds me of Kenyan cupcakes. You can also get them at Costco.

Outfit details: 

Ankara Chocker: SK & CO

Sweater: Charlotte Russe

Book: After you, Jojo Meyer

Photography: Kay Photography

Thank you for stopping by 

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want put f this life is this: decide what you want.
— Ben Stein