Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

Hello, hello, hello!!! hope you have all been well and life has been treating you in a decent manner. I would say the same for me. Between attending classes, studying, doing assignments, going to work and serving in my church, i was able to sneak in some time to do this quick post.


Lately i have been really obsessing over Kente, i cant tell how many attires i have so far made out of kente. I also a while back did another post on Kente FOR THE LOVE OF KENTE. It happens that i didn't quite finish that fabric, therefore, i decided to get a crop top out of it. I tell you, i am totally in love with it.


I thought it would be a great idea to combine the crop top, with this tulle skirt (tutu skirt) i have had in a while. I was not disappointed at all. The combination worked amazingly, creating a good outfit for a wedding, fancy night out or even church, if you like to bring total confusion in the house of the Lord. If you also like feeling like a princess time to time, tulle skirts are your go to.



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Outfit details:

Kente crop top:  Shikahdesign                                                                               

Tulle skirt: Shikahdesigns                                                                                      

Shoes: Lolashoetique                                                                                                                        

Photography: AfricanBantu