Hello beautiful readers, how is each and everyone of you doing? I can say, I am doing better than expected. I just realized that it’s already been a month since I moved to Chicago. I can tell you it has been quite a ride, but more important is all the things that I have come to learn and appreciate about myself. 

I think there isn’t a better way to discover more about yourself than being in a position out of what you are constantly used to. That thing they call “comfort zone”. It’s funny how I never realize how important it is have a set of screw drivers in the house or even having a simple thing as a pair of scissors. These are some of the things that I wouldn’t have bothered thinking of how essential they are, because when I needed them, they were somewhere in the house. 


Another thing that changed for me is shopping. It stopped being a fun thing to do just because i have some coins to spare. It became more of a “what are the necessary things that I need for the house”. Like “OMG I need a mop”, now I have to go to the store and by a mop. That is not fun at all. 

During the past month, I came to realize how sheltered a person tends to become when they are living in their parents house. We think just because i’m in my mid-20s I have attained “adulthood”. Notice the quotes. But there are so many components that comes with the definition of adulthood, that we don’t get to experience until one is living on their own space and away from the comfort of their parents. You get to think about how a simple thing will get to affect a different aspect of your life later on. You are also just forced to grow up, because there are some tough decisions that you have to make and no one will do so for you. 


It has been quite an eye-opener living by myself these past couple of weeks. Granted, I love having my own space, my freedom and just being able to do things my own way. I do get to appreciate the ability of being sheltered in my mum’s house. Not having to worry about bills, grocery shopping etc. One thing though, I just realized I don’t know how to effectively and efficiently do grocery shopping for one person. The other day, I bought some fresh produce that eventually went bad because it was more than I needed. So can somebody give me a tip of how to effectively buy produce for just one person who does not cook daily. Leave it on the comment section below. It will be much appreciated. 

As you can tell, I have had quite an eventful first month living by myself. I am learning to enjoy the process. To not only love the good moments but to also appreciate the hard moments as they are a learning moment. There literally isn’t a handbook that one can read to know the best way to do life on your own. All one can do is to put your feet in the water and go with it. I am learning to do so.


On my next blog post I will talk about the challenges and benefits I have had to experience in nursing school. It has only been 2 weeks since the semester started, therefore, I will do a month update on Nursing school 2 weeks from now. 

I would love to continue this conversation on the comment section below. Tell me what was your experience the first time you moved out of your parents house. How old were you, what are some of the challenges you faced and also what did you love about living on your own. 

Even when you have doubts, take that step. Take chances. Mistakes are never a failure - they can be turned into wisdom
— Cat Cora

Photography by: Christine Arhu

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