Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

There is something about looking at my skin that brings me so much pride and joy. I look at the richening of melanin on my skin and couldn't wish for any better. I look at a fellow black man or woman and immediately we are in sync just by the color of our skin. This color that we relish our pride on goes back many generations where it was just the color of one's skin. That with it, it didn't carry any hate, any prejudice, any violence. However that changed when the white man noticed that he could do whatever he pleased with a man of a darker skin than his. That's where my concern comes in. Long gone are the days when a black man had no rights, had no freedom, had nothing to himself. Long gone are the days where a black man could not walk by himself  at night with the fear of being chained, whipped, and shot at.

It amazes me that, decades later, there isn't much difference between now and then. It is as if we got into a time machine and it transported us back to an America where black people were not free. They say this is the land of the free and the brave but that's not what the black people are thinking right now. How is a black man free when he has to be scared for his life because he pulled over for a broken tail light. He is a free when he had to pray to God to make him see the end of the day so that he could go home and kiss his wife and kids goodnight. Please tell me, how is that living in a free America.

I as an African woman, who was not born and raised in Africa, don't know what our fellow black brothers and sisters have gone through to get to a place where they can be considered as something. It is because of them that i as an immigrant is able to come to America and build a life here. I owe it all to the fight that they fought and keep on fighting to sustain their place in this society that has been built to bring them down. That's why I am here to speak on behalf of my black brothers out there. We need to stop all this hate and atrocity that is going on.

Saying that black lives matter doesn't mean that other lives don't matter. Of course all life matters. In a situation where a group that has stayed insignificant, has been oppressed and regarded as a minority, it becomes important when they are subjected to hate. It becomes important to stand for lives because they like everyone else deserves to have a full life without any interruption. Saying that black lives matter shouldn't be interprated as disregarding other races, but should be seen as a race finally coming together going against all the oppression that has been going on for centuries. Black live matter isn't about hate, it is about love. It is about being one under all adversities.

Let there come a time when the sight of my black skin does not scream hate, disgust, poverty, uneducated, criminal. Let the sight of my skin preach love, preach peace, preach harmony, preach brilliance, preach confidence.  Let it come a time when a black man can be pulled over and not worry if he will get out of that spot alive or dead. Let it come a time when a police officer will respect the autonomy of a black man, as they respect the law.

On the other hand, i don’t advocate for retaliation. Yes there are bad cops out there, and yes it does affect the whole system. As they say, one rotten apple spoils the other good ones - not exactly how it is said but you get the idea. However, it does not give us the right to take matters into our hands. The best we could is to continue talking about the problem, raising our voices and praying to God to deliver this country. There is one thing my pastor said on Sunday that i really loved; our they might not listen to the noise we are making, but the one thing that might work is our prayers.

I am here to preach love. I don't believe that two wrongs make a right. Violence against violence isn't the answer it's more like adding salt to injury and it doesn't amount to any good. Let's seek justice by raising our voices, not raising our weapons. Let's speak for those who are unable to. Lets go on our knees and pray for this country.

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"It is during our darkest moments that we use focus to see the light" ~ Aristotle Onassis 


Photography: Africanbantu