Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. Today i had something that i wanted to share with all of you. Its been something that i have been meaning to talk about, fortunately the moment presented itself . 

It is a Friday morning, i am at the library trying really hard to focus on that chapter about memory because i have quiz due on Sunday evening. Due to the good student that i am, i want to finish it that Friday night. Its not really because i am a good student, it is because, my professors could care less if you have other classes that also demand your attention. I decide to take a pick at my phone for just a moment, [you know, let me give myself a 5min break, type of thing], fellow college students out there might understand. 

So here i am, checking my phone and i decide, let me see if i have any important emails that needs responding. I come across this email that i thought were those forwarded emails because the sender’s name didn’t seem familiar. However, it had a peculiar subject, ‘Im deathly afraid of one thing, here’s why’, [we’ll have to forgive the person for the grammatical error] but lets move on. It begins by ‘Hey Debora’, clearly it was addressed to me. I have no idea which of the many websites i go through in a day, i mistakenly subscribed to receive blog posts, but this one was interesting. It goes on to tell a story about the writer’s greatest fears, which is flying. The irony is that, the writer is always flying a couple of times in a month. The writer narrates their story and I’m really moved by it, and i get to the main point of the post, which was, we have so many things that we are afraid of but that shouldn't stop us from going ahead and doing them. The writer him/herself is afraid of flying, but it doesn't stop him/her from going in their business trips and conducting their businesses. 

After reading that mail, it took me back to a post i had written a while back that never made it to the blog. I was talking about the same thing - that fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I am not one to encourage fear, however, at times it can be instrumental. There is that physiological aspect part of fear, the adrenaline that comes with it, that we need to use to our advantage. You might have been at a place in life where you are in transition mode, you either are transitioning from finishing college and starting a career, or from being single to getting married, or wanting to start a business, or just starting a new chapter on life. Such moments, come with a lot of uncertainties. The thing is, despite all that fear, you will still go ahead and do what it is you have set yourself to do. Don't let that fear prevent you from accomplishing your goals, use it to your benefit. 

What is that thing you are afraid to start doing this year, i already have a couple in mind, leave me a comment below, and lets get chatting. 

There is nothing wrong with fear; the only mistake is to let it stop you on your tracks”  ~ Twyla Tharp 

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