Hello lovelies, hope you have been keeping well. I on the other hand, have been trying to stay above it all. I never knew it can get this hard when you are just about to get to the finish line. For those who aren't aware, i am few week shy to the end of my undergrad education 😃 *Screaming*. 

For today's post, i decided to dedicate it to celebrating BLACKNESS, as it is still Black History Month. There is so much joy that comes with accepting your identity and who you are, despite what everyone else says. I remember when I was kid growing up back in Kenya, everything that surrounded us glorified the white man. I used to like playing with little Barbie dolls which unfortunately were a portrayal of white slender women. For a little African girl, you begin to associated beauty with the embodiment of white skin, long silky hair and a size 0 body.

I remember my friends and i used to like to play "house" and we would find ourselves imitating what we saw on TV. I always seemed to like having long silky hair and disliking my natural hair. The thing was, we really didn't know what we watched would affect how we perceive black skin. I like what Chimamanda Adichie says in her TED talk about "A single story". She didn't begin to understand the beauty of being African until she started reading African books. 

It is not until I came to America did I begin to understand the beauty of being black. It is not until I came to a place where the white man we used to glorify in Kenya oppressed and suppressed black people. Where being black is seen as exotic without of any other greater value. Where having braids seem very intriguing. I could go on..... But it is at such moments you realized that your whole life, you lived as a victim of the "slave mentality". 

It's time to reverse the roles. It is time we begin to appreciate being black. There isn't any other color that has so much richness, that glows under the reflection of the sun and radiates such pure beauty. We are the epitome of God's creation as He moulded is from the soil of the earth. Where can you get all the definition from if not from Black skin. 

As a black, African woman in America, I know I will go through challenges due to the color of my skin. But it si through such moments that i should fully embody it. I shall forever stand tall and confident and embrace fully the power of being black, for there is such power in being black. A time will come that I will have my own children, it will be job as a parent to teach them to be confident in their blackness. It will be my responsibility to remind them that there is nothing wrong with being black. It is our job as Black People to glorify ourselves at such times, because no one will do that for ourselves. 



Black and Proud ✊🏾

Photography: Kay Photography