Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

Hello lovelies,

Its my hope you have all been keeping well, i have been too. I realized i haven't talked to you all in a while [that being one week], but i am back. In the past week, i had the opportunity to go zip lining with my family. It has been something we had been planning to do for the past two years. Eventually, we made it happen and it was definitely one for the books. One thing people don't really know about me, is, i am very much afraid of heights, therefore, zip lining was very much nerve-wrecking, but one way or the other, i had to make it happen.

Phobias have a way of making our imaginations get out of proportion.  You can imagine what happened to mine.All i was thinking of was, 'what if the zip line breaks', or 'what if my equipment isn't secured tightly', or 'if i get stuck halfway through the zip line'. My mind was just running with terrible things that could happen. But as we were practicing with our guides before the start of our tour, i gave myself a little pep talk, "Debbie, you have to put your imagination aside and go with the flow, this is a once in a lifetime experience". No doubt, it was an experience never to be forgotten.

There is something about being released on the zip line and you are flying above the land and taking in God's creation around you, thats very refreshing. For a second, you forget your problems and you are one with God's creation. In a moment you experience such peace; all the fears that you once had, disappear for a moment. And as you are gliding across the zip line, you just let yourself go; off your constraints. And for a moment you are free.


This zip line experience made me realize, how much our fears and limitations constrain us. They prevent us from going outside of our comfort zones. They prevent us from experiencing new things in life. They prevent us from expanding our visual field to view the world in a greater lens. However, once in a while, we have to let ourselves go, we have to let ourselves experience new things even though we are not ready. We have to learn to take risks once in a while. Yes, we might get hurt; yes, it might not go as we planned but one way or the other you had an experience that taught you something.

I remember someone once told me, for a breakthrough to happen in your life, you have to be a little uncomfortable. I had to be a little uncomfortable about the zip line to experience to have a different perspective of zip lines. They are not as terrible as people make them seem. If you don't watch out, one can become an adrenaline junkie. I can confidently say that the next thing i would want to try is skydiving. Watch that space.

"It always seems impossible until it is done" 

~ Nelson Mandela