Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

I recently celebrated my birthday and as usual i had a moment to reflect on the growth i have seen in the past couple of years. This time around there was something special about that i should share. I have come to learn the importance of recognizing different milestones in your life. It is a constant reminder that in life we get to evolve and if you are not evolving, you need to take a moment and re-evaluate your situation. Here are the few lessons i have learnt in the past.


 1.Love yourself. 

 This might seem like an obvious thing, like who doesn't love themselves? However, it is something that i have struggled with in the past. It was as a result of low self-esteem and to feel that void, i tried to seek approval from my peers.  All i ever wanted was to fit in, but i never understood that i could never be like the rest. I never knew how important it is to know your worth, and with that you wouldn't have to seek approval from anyone. It took me a while to come to a point where i would look at myself on a mirror and see a confident woman who loves herself. And when you see your worth, you begin to set yourself apart from any negativity that might try to bring you down. You begin to nature your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You get to a place where you don't have to apologize for who you are. You are love, You are You!!!!!


 2.Push yourself out of your comfort zone

 Like many other people, i get too comfortable with what i have. Sometimes, i never see the necessity of going the extra mile to achieve something, and i end up talking myself out of an idea. I convince myself that i am fine just the way i am. But i have learnt, for you to become SOMEONE, you CANNOT get comfortable. The moment you become comfortable is when life passes you by. All the opportunities that were knocking at your door, they find someone else who is a better fit for them than you. I never want to be mediocre,  i want to be the best i could ever be. I know constantly push myself even when it scares me to death. Someone said, "what makes your desired dream worthy is the pain you endure on the journey." So, don't get too comfortable


  3. Be true to yourself

 In this world it is really easy to lose yourself. We get immersed into societal expectations that we forget who we are. In a world where social media, culture, peers, dictate how we should live; we fall into the pressure to succumb to them. We get into the excitement of pleasing people but what we forget that every time we do something to please someone, we lose a part of ourselves. Over the years I had fallen into a habit of doing things to please others and it slowly turned to people taking advantage of me. Every time, i would feel less of myself because i was not being true to myself. I was living my life for others. I needed to take charge and live my own life where i could be ME, and be proud of the things i did. But for you to do that, you have to take a stand and free yourself from the shackles of pleasing other people. Be YOU. Be UNIQUE. Be AUTHENTIC.


4. Make mistakes and learn from them

 I think there is nothing humbling as learning a lesson from a mistake. We are always quick to blame ourselves wondering, "why did I do that?". Or thinking, "I am always too careful, how did I get so blindsided". Instead, we should be accepting we did something wrong, and try to redeem ourself. I have learnt in this life, as much as we are careful, one way or the other, we will fall and make mistakes. However, we don't want to make it a habit. A mistake happens once, but when it becomes a habit it stops being a mistake. I am the person i am today because i have been gracious enough to see where i have gone wrong, accept it, and make a change. This year has been one of those years that i have been really humbled by my mistakes, but i tell myself its not about what i did its about what i do from then on. And that just reveals ones maturity.


5. Walk with God

 The final and greatest thing I've learnt is the importance of walking with God. When you submit yourself to God, the changes you witness in your life are unimaginable. I grew up in a small town and through out my 23 years on this earth, i have gone through a rollercoaster of changes. Little did i ever thought that one day i would end up in the US and having these great visions of the life i want to live. But its amazing how God works, He humbles you and then He uses those moments to lift you up. But He cannot work in your life, if you don't let Him work. I have seen the importance of walking with Him because i know i cannot do it by myself. I have to lean on Him for things to work. He is my ROCK and my REFUGE and i couldn't ask for more.





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