For the past week, the top question I’ve been receiving from people is, “How does it feel to be done with school?”. To be honest, that's been one question i've been having trouble trying to answer. For those who are not up to pace with me, i just got done with undergraduate education, a couple of days ago. 

Finishing college always seems like rainbows, balloons, confetti everywhere, but it isn't. It’s the beginning of a life in the real world. Don't get me wrong, i am really excited that I’m done with school. However, there are so many uncertainties that come with this new phase of life. Adulting sets in. 

One thing however that i need to commend myself, is being able to make it this far. A lot of us immigrants move to this country with the purpose of getting an education to prosper ourselves. Along the way comes challenges that come from settling into a new environment, surviving etc. As a result, majority are not able to stick through school.  

I'm not sure if college in Kenya was as difficult; therefore, for one to complete it in one piece is a great accomplishment.

Going back to my previous post, i talked about there not being a right time to start something, the right time is then. In that case, for you to be able to reap the fruits of your harvest, you have to sow. I remember back to my first day at community college, i was probably 3 months old in America, i really didn't know what i wanted to do. I just thought i was just going to continue with what i had started doing back in Kenya, but along the way, i was able to get more perspective and see things differently. I found out that what you do either in college or life is not for your parents, friends etc but for yourself.  

This life that we have, is one. Yes, we are given numerous chances to redeem ourselves but remember, one thing that is not redeemable is time. Start whatever it is that you need to start, and the rest will fall in place. Later on you will look back and you will be glad you made that move. I look back at my life and i am amazed at the far the Lord has brought me. Not in a million years would i have thought i would be graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology, something i dreamt of since i was a little girl. 

The other day i was catching up with an old friend of mine, that we went to the same high school back in Kenya. She also just graduated.  We were talking about how majority of the people who we graduated high school with, graduated college two years ago and some are in their careers or grad school. For a moment it bothered me that i had to start over once i moved here, but i am reminded that this is what God had intended for my life. I am where i am meant to be.  I am following the path He has destined for my life. 

So as you are reading this, it doesn't matter where in life you are, how old or young you are, it's time you become proactive. If its going back to school to get your degree, this is the time. If you have been postposing that project due to various reasons, this is the time. 

I am excited to see what life has in store for me. As i close this chapter, i am beginning yet another chapter that i cannot wait to see what it has in store for me.