Hi there! It's me again, in the flesh and back at it. Before you even start, yes, I owe you a huge apology. Here I was saying that I was back and then all of a sudden, I disappear. Not to worry, I have this whole post to explain what happened. I do hope that you have been well. I have seen better days, but I'm doing well. However, I did miss being here in this space writing stories for you. I do hope the feeling has been mutual. I am happy to announce that I am back, and will stick around this time around. 


Let's get right to it. It's definitely been several months since my last blog post. Since then, it's fair to say, life has been happening and while at it, it came quite fast. The natural thing to do was to take some steps back and decompress from everything. 

However, the intent of today's blog post is to update you on where I am currently, what was going on prior to this and lay out some future plans for this blog. On my last blog post, I celebrated with you guys turning 25 yrs old. Since then, I want to say its been sort of a whirlwind. If you have been keeping up with me, that being on the blog, Instagram, Youtube, twitter etc. I mentioned that I applied and got accepted to a Nursing program at Rush University in Chicago. Since my acceptance, I went through different emotional stages. The first one was, exhilaration and joy. I couldn't believe I got into Grad school more so at a very highly ranked program. I felt like I was on top of the moon and quite untouchable, to be honest. Then things simmered down and I went back to my regular life as it was only March.


Come May, it hit me that I only had 3 more months to go. With that in mind, I had to start figuring out housing options, but no pressure though. During this period of time, it's when things started coming fast at me. It was soon 2 months to go and there was still no light at the end of the tunnel. I began to get very worried. If you know me, you know that I like to have control over things. If I am unable to have control, then anxiety takes over. One thing that kept me going was the knowledge that God does not give you what He hasn't prepared you for. This continues to remain as a constant reminder, mostly during those overwhelming moments. I was finally able to get some arrangements going. I just didn't know there was going to be more to it once I arrived in Chicago. 

As of this writing, I am currently in Chicago. It has been a week since my arrival. It has definitely been quite overwhelming. I have to say, it is not easy starting over in a new city with no family or friends around. This has been the real definition of me being at my most uncomfortable state ever. However, I continue to challenge myself on a daily basis to keep pushing. I do believe I didn't come halfway across the country if I wasn't prepared for this moment. It can be quite overwhelming figuring out a living situation, getting acclimated and figuring out the area you are living at. Already at day one, there were some issues with my landlady. I had just landed after an overnight flight, I was tired, sleepy and hungry and my landlady would not let me into my room until a few things were straightened out. The straightening out of those loose ends took several hours. It reached a point where I almost broke down just wondering what kind of hell is this that I was thrown to. I began to ask God what plans He really had for me. It was only day one and things were as worse as they could have gotten. I began regretting the decision to move. I immediately snapped myself back to the present moment. I started to tell myself that I didn’t come all this way to start giving up right the minute something bad happens. I had to remind myself that it won't be easy but I have to stay above all the chaos. I had to remind myself that nothing good ever came easy nor handed out on a silver platter. There will be a lot of hard labor, a lot of tears, being pushed to the wall, but I have to remember to stay above it all and succeed.


The beauty of being outside your comfort zone is seeing yourself persevere all the odds thrown at you. It is also to see yourself grow, see yourself learn how to handle difficult situations. It is also to see yourself learn how to grow a thick skin. Life can be hard and if you don't have a thick skin, any little thing will get to you, who knows how far you may go. I have to confess, I am scared of what lays ahead, but I am excited to see how that will change me as a person. I am excited to see myself grow to be the woman God made me be. More so, I know God is always by my side and will continue to give me the strength to persevere. 

I cannot wait to share with you all every single part of this journey; the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, if you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter, I suggest that you get on it. I will make sure to be quite prompt with the sending. 

The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones. Laugh at them, tread on them, and let them lead you to something better.
— Enid Blyton

Photography: Christine Arhu

Outfit Details: 

Off-shoulder dress: Forever 21

Beach Hat: Thrifted from my sister's closet 

Shoes: Ross