Hello beautiful people, its May!!! Can you believe that, time is going way too fast than i can comprehend. Thing about May is that its my birthday and that qualifies it to be the best month in the year. 

I have been doing a lot of re-evaluation, re-focusing and reflection about my life. I guess you get to your mid-20s and you realize you ain't getting any younger and that forces to get a handle of your life. I will be turning 24 in a few months and to be honest its kind of scary because i am realizing that i am not a child anymore. I am an adult and i need to jump straight in to the adulting world and face it full on. 

Your 20s can be the hardest and best times of your life. Its where you need to know who you are, figure out what you want to do with your life, while also making sure that you are still having a life and enjoying the fruits of your youth. With that comes a lot of stress, confusion, quarter-life crisis. Having all that in mind, i came up with 24 life hacks anyone in their 20s should know. 

Have a blast reading through them, leave me a comment of what applies to you. If you have other points that you feel are important to this list please don't fail to write me on the comment section below. 

1. You will fall a couple times, hit a couple walls but that's fine because you will get up and dust yourself and move on.

2. No one has life figured out, we are all trying so don't be too hard on yourself when it doesnt work out the first time 

3. It is ok to start over again, that means you were not where you were destined to be. 

4. Don't compare yourself with your peers, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. What might have worked for one person might not be the thing that works for you. So focus on getting to know you and what works for you 

5. In this life, the smaller your circle is the better it is for you. You do not need a cheering squad, what you need are people who can be accountable to you and the same for them 

6. It is ok to remove people from your life who are not adding any value to it. You life is your own and those who surround you may build you up or break you down, its your choice. 

7. No need for doing the most to get attention, as it is the little things that catch the most attention. Be your authentic you. 

8. One day your party days will come to an end and you will have to be come a responsible adult and focus on building your life. Question is when is it going to be for you? 

9. Every action has a consequence. Do you want to live a life full of regret or a life that you are proud of the choices you made 

10. Just because you made a mistake, that doesn't mean that your life will be determined by it. You have the power to learn from it and build yourself from it 

11. Sometimes it is ok to be your own company, to be away from all the noise. That doesn't mean that you are a loner, it means that you comfortable to be your own company and you don't need people around to make you feel whole. 

12. In the midst of the chaos that is your life between juggling school, work, relationships, life in general, it is advisable to have a YOU time. A time where you get to unwind from all the stress in your life, refocus and re-evaluate your life and get a new perspective. 

13. It is also ok to live a little. Don't be too focused on building your legacy that you forget that you are in your 20s. You will never have another time where you will have the opportunity to live life.

14. Be adventurous, travel, try new cuisines, learn a new language, get a hobby, start a bucket list, cross a few things from it before you are 30.

15. Let yourself fall in love, let yourself experience the pain of being heartbroken, learn how to get back from that pain, but don't let it determine the rest of your relationships. 

16. You are the one who is in control of your happiness. I f you want to live a happy life, then you must root out the negativity from your life. 

17. You are not entitled to anyone in this life apart from God not even your mum or your dad. They did their job to raise you to where you are now, its now for you to determine which path are you going to follow. 

18. Your life is your own, don’t think that you need to prove anything to anyone. The degree that you get is yours not your mum’s or dad’s. The job that you get will be yours. No need to be unhappy with the choices you make because you need approval from people in your life or you need to make them happy. If they love you, they will accept the choices you have chose for yourself. 

19. Do not be afraid to try something new once in a while. Change can be scary but it can also be good. You might not know what you will discover about yourself in those new situations. 

20. Make sure you have planned out short-term and long-term goals. You might not follow it to the T but it gives you a road map to what you might want to achieve while in your 20s. 

21. While you might have planned out your 2- year plan, 5-year plan, 10-year plan; learn to be flexible about about them. Life is unpredictable and the more flexible you are, the easier it will be for you to spring back after a shake down. 

22. Involve God in all your doings. Don’t put Him on the side for the hard time. He should be with you when things are great and when things are going south. 

23. Not only involve Him in your doings, build a relationship with Him. You shouldn’t wait until you are old to realize that you need Him. Start while you are young, for the kingdom of God is made for us who are young. 

24. You will not be young forever, make good use of your younger days. For a time will come that you will wish that you did all you wanted to do. 

You are Braver than you Believe, Smarter than you Seem, and Stronger than you Think
— Winnie the Pooh
Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory. Be brave enough to live life creatively
— Alan Alda

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Peach shift dress: Charlotte Russe 

Frill sweater: Ross 

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The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible
— Joel Brown