Hello beautiful reader! Shall I say how amazed I am for this back to back posts. I’m like, “yaaassss girl, keep up the momentum”. I’m not sure what is driving this momentum, but whatever it is, I need it to keep going. Maybe its the weather or the water. I don’t know, but whatever it is, I like it. Being able to come here on this space and pour out my thoughts has been quite therapeutic. I write, clear my thoughts and you read, what could be better than that? Ok! don’t answer that! I'm sure there are way better things than this. Shall we move on? 

I know from my last post, I said I was going to talk about the highs and lows of nursing school so far. I haven’t forgotten about that or disregarding it. I just felt the need to write about something that is more of a result of this journey. Before I begin, if you haven’t read the previous post, I need you to pause right here, go back and read and then you can resume. It will just make much more sense to you. I’m not trying to be mean. 

I did see the readership went up a little, I’m quite excited about that. Welcome, welcome all my new readers. Its nice to have you. With that in mind, I feel the need to do a little intro before continuing, just to reach out to you on a personal level. This seems to be an ongoing narrative, therefore, it's fair to catch you up on who I am, where I am, what im doing, and the reasons behind all of that. 


In the past month, I made the bold move to halfway across the country to a big city called Chicago, to chase my dreams - the least to say. I feel like this is how those small-town girl movies start with the girl packing up her bags and starting all over in a big city. The narrative in a way fits, just because thats how it felt. What brought me here was one of the top nursing program in the country [read over-achiever]. I will write about that whole process sometime in the future. I felt the need to get off my comfort zone and experience something new and different. To tell you the truth it has been quite uncomfortable. 

I always thought pushing yourself off your comfort zone was the hardest thing to do. I have come to realize that’s probably the easier part of it. The hard part is to learn to how to cope with living uncomfortably and getting used to being uncomfortable, and watch yourself grow from that. Why do I say that? I say that because there comes a lot of new feelings, experiences, changes, unfamiliar situations that your body, mind and soul doesn’t know what to do. 


With all these new things, I have heard to really think of how to rise above it all and make sure that I am taking care of myself. Which I have found isn’t the easiest things to do. It is easy to get immersed into all that is going on in your life and getting lost in all that chaos, which isn’t healthy in any way. I remember during my orientation to the program, we had a lady from the counseling center come speak to us about the services they offered to the students. I immediately thought to myself, why do they always have someone from the counseling coming to talk to us during orientation? I just thought that just what they are supposed to do as they are like any other department. However, I came to realize how important the counseling center is. School can be very stressful and the rigorous the program the more stressful it becomes. 

All these thoughts came together last night as I was talking to a friend. She asked me, “have you ever gone to see a therapist?”. I told her, “no”. This is because I never saw the need to, as I didn’t feel the need to see one. However, I came to realize therapy could probably be the best way to self-care. In times of pressure and stress we get to internalize a lot of things, we get burnt out, but being able to sit down with a professional and actually talk about all these feelings, could be the best thing one could ever do for themselves. 


With that said and done, I am challenging myself to allow myself to utilize these services. Taking a day off, working out, doing something different, going to church, praying, reading the Bible, could all be great ways of self-care but there is a necessity to seek professional help and talk about all the feelings going on inside. I’m not saying this will happen tomorrow or the next day, but I am willing to try it and have it as an option. 

Tell me, what are your thoughts about therapy. I would love to read your different ideas. 

Our aspirations are our possibilities
— Samuel Johnson

Photography credit: Christine Arhu