I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago. In the midst of our conversation, it dawned on me that the first quarter of the year has come and gone like a joke. It’s like we just caught a break from the holidays, trying to adjust ourselves back to work and getting our resolutions and viola, April is here!!!!

The first quarter had its own rollercoaster, its up, and downs. It’s also had its joys and heartbreaks. Isn’t that just life. Follow me as I give you a glimpse of what I have been up to these past few months. 



Making: better healthier choices. Recently I have been seeing a lot of young people getting sick and by sick, I don’t mean a cold or something you can pop a few pills and wake up feeling better. I mean sick, where its a matter of life and death. With that, it has made me really conscious of what I put into my body. Not to say that they didn’t make healthy choices, they were probably just unfortunate. I just want to be able to live longer knowing that I did my level best to take care of my God-given body.

Eating: Barley as a substitute for rice. Yes, I am that serious about this fitness journey. What is surprising though, is I didn't realize how delicious it is. I always thought of barley was used to make beer, until my mum introduced me to it and I have not been the same. 

Drinking: the new "Matcha soymilk latte" from Starbucks. So much goodness in it, whether hot or cold. If you are into green tea this is a must try. 

Reading: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. He is literally the definition of “starting from the bottom”. He was raised by a single mom, who did everything possible to make sure he had the best life with what they had. They went through so much hardship, from growing up under apartheid, being poor, having a violent step-father. His story is just phenomenal. This is a definite must-read. 

Wanting: these beautiful sweatshirts that I came across on my Instagram page. They have artistic images portraying black women. They couldn't be a better depiction of black girl magic. They would be a perfect birthday gift. I am a size Medium for anyone asking. 

Looking: for cute and cheap work out gear to wear when working out. Now that consistency is one of the main goals of maintaining this fitness journey. 

Playing: this new album that I came across. It’s called “Broken English” by Pompi. They are a Zambian band that sings Christian jazzy music. It's been literary on replay. 

Wishing: somebody could sponsor me to get a drone. I've been watching a lot of videos with drone shots. They just take content creation game to a whole other level. Especially when is doing travel vlogs. So yeah, for you who are reading, now you know what I want for Christmas. Thanks in advance. 

Enjoying: these organic coconut snacks that my sister introduced me to. I have been searching for healthy snacks to replace eating potato chips or something sweet especially when I get the cravings. They are very delicious and are made with dried cranberries, cashews & almonds and chia seeds. To add on that, they are super cheap. They go for $3 at your nearest Bartel's drug store. 

Waiting: for my next getaway. It is a place I have always wanted to go. Everything about the place is so exciting to me. The food, the culture, the vibe are all the things i can't wait to explore. But for now, I shall leave you all guessing. Isn't that fun. 

Liking: the idea of moving to a new city. To be honest, it is scary. For someone who has not lived by herself her whole life, this is beyond scary.  But I like the idea of being on my own and being able to re-discover myself. As they say, “magic happens outside of your comfort zone”, I am ready to witness this magic.  

Marveling: on how amazing Black Panther was. I have never been so excited about a movie that really depicts so many great things about Africans. Not only did it have all dark skin women cast, but now black kids have a superhero they can look up to who looks like them. It also reminded us of how beautiful Africa is even though Wakanda is not an actual place. 

Following: a lot of travel pages on my Instagram. They are meant to give me inspiration for my next trip but all they have been making me feel is wanting to get on a plane right now and go. 

Noticing: how my trip to Kenya was fundamental to my self-discovery. I think being away from your usual day-to-day routine helps you put things into perspective. I was able to look back into my life and realize the things I needed to do better. Now that I am looking back, I am noticing that break was definitely much needed. 

Knowing: that in a few months I will be starting my first semester of Grad school. I couldn’t be any more excited and terrified at the same time. After I graduated with my B.A, I made a promise to myself that I will not let a year go by without going back to school. I prayed to God and worked towards that. When you know what you want, there is definitely nothing that should stop you from going for it. 

Feeling: like I have reached a phase in my life where the things I want in life have never been this clear. I now know what I can put up with and what I can’t. I am aware that I don’t have time to waste with toxic relationships or with people who are uplifting me. I have to realize that I am living this life for me and not to please anyone, aside from God. That every choice I make will always have a consequence. I really don’t have time for YOLO! My YOLO is making sure that my future is secure and if anything comes in between that, I don’t have time for it. 

Laughing: at all the comments I've been getting at work about my hair. I have been having my hair out for a couple weeks now after having it braided for a while. One of the comments that really cracked me up was from my boss. She said, "I like your hair, it looks so fun". Like what does that even mean? 

I have learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
— Maya Angelou

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Ankara top: Tailor made in Kenya 

African Jewerly: Kariokor Market (Kenya)

African Purse: Kariokor Market (Kenya)

Photography: Christine Arhu