Happy New year!!!!!

I know by now a majority of you are tired of this, but allow me to do this once before the month comes to an end. Happy New Year!! I have not been able to really say hello to you all on the blog. On my last post, I mentioned that I was going for a short break to get my thoughts together and find my love for writing. I am happy to say that after a nice long vacation, I am more than ready to get back to creating content.

To start off, I will be doing a “Taking Stock” post to let you know what I have been up to since the beginning of the year. I will also be doing more of such post every other month to keep you updated on what’s going on in my world.

So, here goes nothing….



Making: plans for the blog and Youtube channel. While we are on that, I will be doing 2 videos and 2 blog posts in a month. if you have anything, in particular, you would like me to focus on, leave it in the comment section below. 

Cooking: healthy meals. After all the trash I ate while on vacation, its time to clean out and detox and be more mindful of healthy eating habits. One of my goals this year is to live a healthier lifestyle by eating well and develop my fitness. 

Drinking: a lot of green tea. I have never been a green tea type of person but lately, I can't seem to put it down.

Reading: a memoir about a lady who miscarried lost her father and husband all around the same time. “Its okay to laugh” by Nora McInerny Purmont is beautifully written book that brings you all sorts feels. It makes you sympathize with her, understand her pain while at the same time realizing how a majority of the time we don't have life figured out, even though we think we do. I highly suggest reading this book. You can find it on iBook, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. 

Wanting: to drop everything and travel the world. Since going to Dubai, it seems like I was bitten by a travel bug. I just want to discover all the beautiful places on this planet. I am now making it an intention to travel more within my means.

Looking: forward to all the things, this year has in store for me.

Wasting: no time with making sure I am accomplishing all the things I have yet to do. Starting with making sure I am being more consistent in creating content. Also making sure that I am creating content that is more captivating and interesting.

Waiting: for summer. This cold, wet, grey weather is not doing me any good. I need my skin to start flourishing. Plus I miss wearing cute summer clothes, enough with all the layering. 

Liking: this new show I came across on Fox called 9-1-1. It's about first responders risking their lives to save people. If you are into those medic type of shows, I would suggest you put this on your “might watch” list.

Loving: these faux locs that i got done in Kenya. I have always been skeptical about doing them just because everyone who did them told me i would not be able to sleep the first three night. But my friend referred me to her hair lady who did such a wonderful job and my head was not hurting. S/O to you Joy!!!!!

Hoping: that I will ace my grad school interview. There, I said it!!! I applied to grad school and I am praying and hoping that I will be starting it this Fall.

Marvelling: at the wonderful time I had on my trip to Kenya. I will have more on it, in my next vlog on my Youtube Channel.

Needing: my sleep schedule to go back to normal. It has been one week already, it needs to have gone back to normal. It is really interfering with my productivity.

Wearing: more t-shirts and sneakers. It has become more apparent that comfort is much more important.

Following: more travel pages. They make me want to travel more and discover this beautiful world. There is just isn’t enough to discover and explore.

Knowing: this year will be one magical year. I have faith that God will open doors for me. Opportunities will come knocking. I am ready to accept it all.

Thinking: of doing an extreme bedroom makeover but we are in the midst of finding another house. I might have to put that idea on hold for now.

Bookmarking: new reads. One of my goals for this year is to read more book, and not just any kind of books. Books that will enrich, motivate and inspire me. If you know of a good motivational or self-help book, please leave it down in the comment section below, I will really appreciate it.



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Photography: Bwana Morioz  

African jewelry: Kenya 

Ankara pants: Grass-fields 

Shoes: Lola-shoetique