Debora MbalukaComment


Debora MbalukaComment

Hello my lovely fashionistas,

Today i will talking about denim. Denim or jeans, depending on which part of the world you are in, is one of those fashion trends thats always coming back in different forms. It is one of the oldest fabrics, but it still remains young. Ever wondered why you feel so fresh once you put on that pair of denim jeans, thats the reason. While many trends have come and gone, denim has found a way to spread at a great rate.

The fun thing about denim is that they make you feel cool and the same time, looking chic. Depending on the mood you are in, you can dress it accordingly.


I, for one, is IN LOVE!!! with denim. It is my day-to-day go-to, apart from sweats [topic for another day]. I put on my jeans and I'm set for the day. It is also my go-to when i need to dress up a little and still retain the casual look. You know when you have that lunch-date with the girls but you don't want to be all dressed - that sort of thing.

Depending on what you dress it with, you can acquire different looks. However, my favorite of them all is pairing it with either a denim shirt or a tank top and denim half-coat [my other favorite thing]. I remember when the denim-on-denim trend first came out, like 2 years ago, i went crazy trying to find denim shirts to offset this look. However, there is something about ripped boyfriend jeans that gives it a more edgy look. And the most awesome part of it all, it doesn't matter if you are wearing it with heels or a nice pair of tennis shoes, it still works.

To accessorize, my go-to, would some colorful african earrings or a turban [will be posting about this soon]. On this specific look i chose the earrings because i had just done my hair and i also like how the headband went well with the whole outfit. It breaks the monotony of the match-matchy.


That's all from me today, keep on keeping it stylish. Till next time.

"Always dress like its the best day of your life"

Photography: David Kiania

Denim Shirt: Forever 21

Ripped jeans: Charlotte Russ

Heels: Lolashoetique

Earrings: From the motherland, Kenya.