Happy April loves, we are officially 4 months into the year, temperatures are getting higher, flowers are beginning to bloom. What is there not be grateful about. But before i go too much into much, lets dive into today's post. 

Its been my realization as humans that numbers are the quantification of success or growth. From school, the percentage you get in an exam determine whether you passed or failed. When it comes to loosing weight, its measured by how many pounds you lost. When it comes to being wealthy, its determined by the number of zeros that check has at the end of the year. In social media, your popularity is measured by the number of your followers, by the number of likes/ favorites/ retweets on a post. Im sue you get my drift.

We normally put so much effort to make sure that those numbers are high, because the higher the number, the more success or growth or engagement one has acquired. Within that struggle to acquire those numbers, majority of us drift away from what our goal was.

Recently i have found myself in such a predicament. As a young blogger, a lot of attention goes to making sure you have a huge following for there to be an increase in traffic in your website. As much as that is an ideal thing to do, young blogger me included drift from their agenda and mission of their blog.

I have found myself time to time fixating on the numbers to make me feel like i am making an impact. I normally go and check my analytics and oftenly i feel i should be getting more numbers than i should. I begin to wonder, "what is it that i am not doing right", "is my content not engaging enough". I then start to compare myself with well-known bloggers and wonder what is it that they did to become so successful. Then the other day, a friend of mine sent me a blog post by one of my favorite Kenyan writers, Biko Zulu. He was talking about people who have come to him asking them how he has been able to get to where is he just by writing. He tells them, that it didn't happen overnight, it took him approx. 4 years before he was able to build a stable audience, readership and audience.

It then hit me that i have been focusing on the wrong thing. Those words reminded me that before i get to the levels of Biko Zulu, Craving Yellow, Simplycyn etc, that i will need to put in a lot of hours, hard work, dedication, passion into it. I am reminded that a farmer doesn't seat and wait for his crops to bear fruit. The farmer puts in a lot of work of planting, pruning, watering, nourishing its plants for there to be a good harvest.

As much as numbers are important, the goal is the primary agenda. As a writer, i need to make sure that i am coming up with more creative content, looking into other sources for inspiration, nurturing my writing skills by reading more books and writing more.

What is that one thing that you are working on, that you are beginning to loose sight of it by focusing alot on the numbers? Leave me a comment below and lets get chatting.  

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